Row 80 Sunday Check-In (Check-In #5)

This past week got a bit ahead of me. Maybe I got a bit ahead of myself? I don't know what happened,
to be honest. It seemed Wednesday was here before I knew it, then I had promises to keep Thursday and Friday, Saturday flew by, and now it's Sunday afternoon, and I'm late for posting my Row 80 update! 

Last week's goals:
1/c. Must finish outlining/story-boarding StM.
2. Brainstorm for this short story idea I have.
3. Write a rough draft of this short story in my head, even if it's horrible
4. Turn off the TV at least two days this week from 7-5

b. Continue editing a minimum of 1000 words a day on POS.
d. Continue 750 words a day

This week's results:
1/c. Still not done. (I'm really failing on this one.)
2. Wrote this short story! Wow, this surprised me.
3. Complete! Rough draft done, this should be edited now.
4. Complete! 

b. Incomplete: accomplished this 1/7 days. Yikes.
c. Complete!

4/6 goals completed isn't too bad, especially when I haven't had any chance to sit down and write since Wednesday, so these were really accomplished in 3 or 4 days.

My thoughts:
The TV thing has been a real blessing in my writing life. I'm one of those people who puts the TV on out of habit, a need for noise/distraction/etc. While eating breakfast, feeding the animals, doing the dishes, the TV comes on. I've noticed recently that once the TV is on, it's psychologically difficult to turn it off. So by telling myself that the TV goes off at 7 a.m., I have limits. 

It feels good to do this every day or two and refocus on important things. When the TV is off for a long time, I pick up my to-be-read pile a lot more, I focus better on writing and giving feedback, I find a lot more time for things I've procrastinated. I want to keep this as a goal until it becomes habit.

This week's goals:
1. Must finish outlining/story-boarding StM. (40 scenes to go)
2. Turn off the TV at least two days this week from 7-5.
3. Post my next chapter in POS for feedback this week (which involves first polishing them). I hope to post them by Tuesday.
4. Continue writing 750 words a day.

Here's to a more accomplished week!