Row 80 Check-In (Check-In #6)

Another week down. Crazy how fast time seems to go when you have actual goals to accomplish. Let's see how I did.

Last week's goals (week of 9-15 June): 
1. Must finish outlining/story-boarding StM. (40 scenes to go) 
2. Turn off the TV at least two days this week from 7-5. 
3. Post my next chapter in POS for feedback this week (which involves first polishing them). I hope to post them by Tuesday.
4. Continue writing 750 words a day.

1. 24 scenes left to storyboard. (Much better than the stagnant 40 I've been at for weeks, but only halfway.)

2. 1.5/2 days. I've definitely been watching less TV, and that makes me feel great, much more accomplished.

3. I managed to post for POS and StM this week in my critique groups. Go me!

4. 7/7 days on 750 words. :-)

I'm very happy with my watching less TV. It's focused my "free" time on writing and reading. Since curbing the TV habit, I've been trying to read a lot more, and having 12 books checked out from the library helps... I'm currently finishing The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue, and need to start We, The Drowned before it's due. (Didn't realize that book was quite that long!)

This Saturday, my mom arrives from out of town, so I have to accomplish my weekly goals with that in mind. I really schedule my weekends off, so it shouldn't affect me too much until next week.

This week, my goals are as follows:

1. Finish storyboarding StM, all 24 scenes (that's only 4 scenes for 6 days).

2. Edit the next chapter on POS.

3. 7-5 blackout on TV for two days.

4. 750 words daily.

5. My writing lesson (F2K) and feedback for my classmates needs to be written and posted by Friday.

6. At least 3 critiques need to be written by Friday for my writing group.

~I. E.