Give More (#WEverb12)

25: give [CREATE]
What was the best gift you gave someone this year?

I've never been much of a gift-giver. In fact, finding gifts stresses me out and drives me to insanity. For Christmas this year, I pretty much went with gift cards. Except for my parents. This year, my husband and I bought them a Kindle Fire.

Now I am an iPad fan, personally. But that was a little out of my price range to give as a gift. Since I own an iPad, I've not played around with the Kindle Fire much, and trying to figure out the settings on my parents' over the past day is the most I've touched one in my life.

My dad doesn't read a lot of books, nor does he watch movies. But he's a total news junkie (newspapers, news magazines, etc.). My mom, on the other hand, loves movies and TV shows, and loves to read. She also likes to game a bit. So I thought that the Kindle Fire may be just a great gift for them both. I would have loved to have the money to buy them each one, but that was not in our budget this year.

I was a bit worried that neither would want it or use it, etc. And yet, they've been fighting over it since they opened it last night after our Christmas Eve service.

I love it when a gift is immediately used.