Row 80 Sunday Check-In (Check-In #3)

This past week I have finally been getting back into the groove of things. With that, I finally feel as though I am accomplishing things.

My goals for this round were: 

a) Storyboard, or outline, my novel and figure out what large picture items need to be edited
b) After I finish goal a, I will edit an average of 1000 words a day on this WIP

WIP #2=StM
c) Storyboard StM and get the main points of this novel figured out for draft two

d) Write 750 words a day in my freewriting journal

a) done!!
b) in progress.
c) began, about 1/3 way through
d) missed one day, but otherwise up to date

As a goal-oriented person, it's great to see my goals being attained. With that in mind, I want to set some solid goals for this week in the hopes of minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity. 

1. Finish storyboarding StM this week and examine what needs to be done in my revisions.
2. Brainstorm for a short story I've been digging my heels in about writing.
3. Work from home at least one day this week.
4. Turn off the TV from 7-5 at least one day this week.