Row 80 Sunday Check-In (Check-In #2)

Today marks my first week of participating in Row80. 

I'm a bit late in updating, as I've been on vacation.

Last week's goals were:
a) Storyboard, or outline, my novel and figure out what large picture items need to be edited
b) After I finish goal a, I will edit an average of 1000 words a day on this WIP

WIP #2=StM
c) Storyboard StM and get the main points of this novel figured out for draft two

d) Write 750 words a day in my freewriting journal"

a) done!!
b) not started. 
c) not started.
d) up to date

Since I am still on vacation and crazy busy right now, that will be all until I can get back home and caught up on things!