The Albatros Bookmark

They're here.

You can just see on the white paper behind the bookmarks the visual instruction guide for situating the bookmark in your current read.

I've only placed one in a book so far--the top one.
As I'm not too far into the book, it's awkwardly placed at the moment.
I found that in order to get the bookmark to sit flat on top
early (or late) in the book, I must fold a crease that does NOT
correspond to the actual fold on the bookmark.

So I haven't really gotten a chance to read with one of these in place. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up my mail until nine o'clock last night, and reading wasn't on the agenda. However, I did take the time to put one of these babies in my current read (Perpetua by Amy Peterson).

First application is just a hint on the confusing side--but there's handy little instructions on the back of the bookmark sheet. (I referred to it a couple of times.) Thankfully, when I misplaced the bookmark, I was able to lift it up without any damage to the book pages and reapply it where I wanted. It took me a couple of applications (because I'm that AAA-personality). 

Other than having to read instructions for a bookmark for the first time in my life, it's a handy little device, and I look forward to using it later today! 

Aside: I'll be updating this blog when I have more fully experimented with this bookmark.

And here's the link if you want to find out more about the Albatros book mark. Who needs eBooks these days?