The Albatros Bookmark Part II

Now that I've had a little bit of time to use my Albatross bookmarks, the verdict is in.

I'll start off with the things I've noticed about this revolutionary bookmark.

1. It's simple to use, just peel from the paper backing and stick;

2. no more losing your place!

3. it's novel (pun intended)!

1. If you do remove and reattach one end of the bookmark, the end may not stick very well and actually come off when you're not expecting it. Although this doesn't lead to an immediate loss of place, it can be irritating or frustrating while reading;

2. if you're reading a book that is more than an inch thick, and you're at the beginning (or end) of the book, the middle crease (which is supposed to follow your place) does not reach your page and you'll have to crease the bookmark elsewhere for those sections;

3. price--at £8 for 6 bookmarks, and assuming one-time use of all six, it increases the price of your book by £1.33.

I like it. I'll probably savor them and use them on books that I know I'll read again--that way I can get the most use out of each bookmark. But it's definitely better than losing your place when your bookmark slips out of the book.

It'd be a good birthday or Christmas gift for a bookworm, and the novelty has yet to wear off! Provided ebooks don't completely take over the world, I think the Albatros bookmark will stick around for awhile yet!

Order here.