F2K Writing Course

Twice a year Writers' Village University offers a free (that's right, free) creative writing course. It's called F2K (Fiction 2000), and it's awesome. It's beyond awesome, it's mind-blowing.

F2K is a community of writers--both beginners and experienced writers--and lasts for six weeks. It's an online forum, complete with social network similar to Facebook, where you can share status updates with just your fellow writers. (What writer doesn't like that idea?)

It starts at the beginning, forging relationships between writers. For everyone in the forum is a writer. As we put ourselves out there, we find support and encouragement from other writers (who are also readers).

Although we write for readers, a fellow writer's point of view is essential to catch the nitty gritty things that readers may not recognize as interfering with their enjoyment of the book, but ultimately do. 

This course consists of six lessons, each of which serves to encourage and stir up the creative mental juices. It starts with basics, and builds on that. Not that one can be taught the writing skill completely in six weeks, but this course will take you from not knowing what point of view is, to writing in different points of views correctly. From not knowing how to use conflict in a scene, to using it well. 

Other members of your class edit your work and allow you a chance to look at it more objectively. Thus you can see your piece as another would see it, and make changes accordingly. 

Oh, and did I mention there's a weekly, class-wide competition? As well as an end-of-session competition, where we all get to vote on the best short story? That's a great incentive to work hard for the competitive writer... which, I'm sure, none of us are...

Registration ends tomorrow, so be sure and sign up now!